João Freitas

The following is a retrospective on Microsoft building an AI empire around Software Development with GitHub Copilot. The thesis is that Microsoft is creating a monopoly on the AI game, blocking others from increasing value in developers experience.

But I see room for value in Microsoft empire: extensions and plugins for Visual Studio Code. Right now it’s a direct way to ship products for developers.

GitHub announced GitHub Copilot X, a suite of proposed features that integrates AI across the entire GitHub product. ChatGPT-like experiences in your IDE, Copilot for Pull Requests, AI-generated answers about documentation.

Any startups that were thinking about building these features might be second-guessing themselves now. GitHub and VSCode power a large surface of the developer workflow – will startups be able to add value here, or will GitHub and Microsoft accrue all the value?

A devil’s advocate argument on why GitHub won’t execute.

Of course, you’re up against the best developer (and enterprise) distribution pipeline in the world — VSCode + GitHub + MSFT. So maybe nothing else matters.

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