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The following is Google plan to increase technical efficiency lead by Urs Hölzle. Urs goal is to reduce the need of Site Reliability Engineers (SRE) by 50%, so that by every 20 Software Engineers, there is 1 SRE.

Below are more details on what Google’s technical infrastructure teams plan to focus on:

Theme #1: Efficiency

Hölzle said that the team should focus on technical efficiency. This includes reducing the ratio of site reliability engineers to developers without reducing service coverage, or areas where technical support is needed.

Other goals include improving technical infrastructure unit costs by 10%, increasing utilization to 60%,  speeding up the time it takes to construct new data centers, launching two new machine learning training platforms, and improving network capacity. 

Theme #2: Reliability

The reliability goals include improving the quality of components, factories, and data centers by 45%, as well as reducing the risk of downtime.

Theme #3: Infrastructure Innovation

Google has been building platforms with ARM processors. Hölzle said the company will aim to make these platforms “production-ready.” In addition, it will launch two new machine learning training platforms. 

Theme #4: Security of Infrastructure and Data

Technical infrastructure teams will work with the security and Google Cloud teams to prevent credential theft, make critical services more secure, and support Trusted Partner Cloud, where cloud providers in other regions around the world work with Google Cloud to provide cloud services that meet local regulatory requirements.

Theme #5: Climate & Sustainability

Google aims to reduce the carbon footprint of constructing data centers, have its biggest suppliers reduce their own carbon footprint, and increase the time that its data centers run on 100% carbon-free energy.

Theme #6: Effectiveness

These goals focus on the effectiveness of the technical infrastructure teams. These include improving DEI and belonging, improving communication between managers and their teams, improving prioritization, and investing in and supporting the development of Googlers in this organization through expanding mentorship and leadership programs.

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