João Freitas

The following is a Twitter thread that explains how to build a side business when you put most of your time on a 9-5 job. The author provides 10 tips on a process that he thinks is effective to build and ship products in public.

1. Ignoring niche markets

Overlooked opportunities:

Niche focus, grow faster

2. Undefined unique selling point

Failing to stand out:

Be unique, attract customers

3. Avoiding learning

Missed knowledge, less success:

Keep learning, overcome hurdles

4. Neglecting networking Opportunities lost

Network wisely, doors open

5. Dismissing no-code tools Unnecessary limitations

Embrace no-code, break barriers

6. Setting vague goals

Lack of direction

Clear goals, real achievements

7.Poor time management

Wasted potential:

Manage time, reach success

8. Skipping validation

Costly errors:

Validate early, avoid pitfalls

9. Forgoing automation

Stunted growth:

Harness automation, scale up

10. Mistake: Weak promotion

Hindered visibility:

Market well, prosper

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