João Freitas

The following is a retrospective on the current job market for Software Development. The author raises an important question about the rise of new AI tools that can replace entry level (junior) developers and the problem of keeping great software library/API discovery, when there is so much new source-code being produced every day.

There are 94M developers on GitHub.

What software will need to be built if there is an order of magnitude more developers?

Software development can be a highly leveraged profession – e.g., the average developer at Meta supports at least 100,000 users. And many undifferentiated but critical parts of the software stack (e.g., auth) will be outsourced to a SaaS provider. Yet, I believe that the trend will continue, and we’ll have even more developers in the future.

So what are the most important problems when there are 200M+ developers? An open question, but a few thoughts.

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