João Freitas

The following is an interesting take on coding for money, and why the market right now might feel closed because of the pandemic.

Hello everyone! Today, I want to ask a personal question: what do you find valuable about coding? 🤔

A lot of people, including a younger version of me, often venture into this sphere lured by the promise of six figure salaries and a full stack of benefits. It’s undeniable; coding can unlock doors to financial stability and beyond, shaping dream careers and lifestyles. Yet, as someone who has always had a nerdy affection for science, I quickly developed a deeper passion for the craft. 🛠️

But let’s be real here. The tech industry experienced an artificial boom during the pandemic, with many seeking easy pay and remote “work”. This surge brought with it lots of opportunists only looking for a paycheck, and not willing to put in the actual work. I saw firsthand a good number of people giving the bare minimum, producing work that barely held together, if they produced any work at all. Sadly, this influx among many other factors had a pretty hard impact on the tech industry. 😓

But, the market is picking back up — there are opportunities out there for those who truly vibe with the art of coding. It’s not as easy as it used to be, but hey, those who are passionate and take genuine pride in what they do are the ones still standing strong. 💪

We all know that just chasing the money leads to a shallow and short-lived joy, right? So, I gotta ask, what does coding really mean to you? Personally, I thrive on technical challenges and untangling complex problems. It’s more than a job; it’s a key that unlocks a world where I can bring my wildest dreams to life. 🌈

Growing up, I was that kid lost in daydreams, conjuring inventions wilder than a mad scientist’s. Cars? Nah, not my thing. But give me electronics and computers, and I was all in! My journey with coding started a bit late — small-town farm life didn’t exactly come with coding manuals. Yet, the moment I dipped my toes in, a space in my heart I didn’t even know was empty got filled up to the brim. 💖

Now, even with a day job I adore, my evenings and weekends are sacred times for exploration. Dive deep into topics from networking to tool creation; there’s no end to this adventure! Building Sriracha UI, BestMarkdownEditor, and Davinci has been a ride — a small victory, yet the joy in the creation process? Absolutely unmatched. 🎢

Of course, not every project sees the light of day, but man, getting lost in that flow of creation is a kind of magic I just can’t give up. Whether it’s jotting down my musings or crafting the next cool thing, the journey is where the true joy lies.

If any of this strikes a chord with you, come join the conversation on my Discord. I’m always around to chat or lend a helping hand! 🤝

Now, it’s over to you! I’m eager to hear your thoughts and stories. What pulls you into the world of coding? Share your perspective in the comments below!

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