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The following is a guide on how to jailbreak a PlayStation 2 with only a DVD and USB. Finally I got my PS2 jailbroken, it’s been a dream since I childhood.

Looking for the simplest and easiest way to jailbreak a PS2? If you have a completely unmodified PS2 system (No modchip, No free access HDD boot (FreeMCBoot). This is gonna be the easiest way to jailbreak your PlayStation 2 system. Unfortunately, you can’t jailbreak your PS2 system without a few things like you can jailbreak PS3 with a simple FAT32 formatted USB drive.

Every PS2 is capable of running FreeMCBoot unmodified systems. If you have a PS2 slim ninety thousand series console, you can’t continue this article. Because FreeMCBoot has been patched on (SCPH-90001) system. You should go with Fortune. Fortune is an excellent alternative option for you.

We are going to need?

Find your DVD player version

You should know about free DVD boot, it has to be ported to specific models and such depending on the DVD player version they have.

  1. Turn on PS2 system without game disk
  2. Press triangle button
  3. Check DVD player version

Check compatibility list

You can find your PS2 model number by looking a the back or underneath of the PS2 system. Check your PS2 model, CD Player and status. If it’s compatible you can continue this article. The current version supported 3.11 and 3.10 for those DVD player versions.

Note: Set English language before you start the jailbreak process.

How to Jailbreak a PS2?

  1. Download all required files including FreeDVDBoot/Prebuilt ISO (3.XX) according to DVD player version.
  2. Format your USB drive with FAT32 (GUIFromat recommanded).
  3. Extract FMCB folder zip file on your computer screen and put result folder on your USB root.
  4. Extract and open OPL folder on your computer screen.
  5. Send OPNPS2LD.EFL file on your USB root.
  6. Run ImgBurn
  7. Click on write image file to disk
  8. Select your DVD drive
  9. Brows and select 3.XX ISO (Select lowest write speeds)
  10. Start burn ISO process.
  11. Insert disk on PS2 system, plug your USB drive and memory card.
  12. Go to the browser (You’ll see DVD)
  13. Select DVD (Congrats homebrew running)
  14. Press O for file browser and press open mass
  15. Open FMCB folder
  16. Select FMCBInstaller.elf
  17. Select Install from FMCB menu
  18. Continue by selecting YES
  19. Installation type: Normal
  20. Once your installation complete press OK and quit program. (Remove DVD and come back to main menu)

How to Install OPL on PS2 system?

  1. Go to PS2 boot menu.
  2. Select ulanchELF
  3. Press O and go to mass folder
  4. Press O and copy OPNPS2LD.EFL
  5. Go back by pressing O button on ../ and go to MC0/BOOT/
  6. Press R1 and paste your file
  7. Go back and press select button to exit. (Remove your USB drive and restart your PS2)

Configure FreeMCBoot

  1. Go to Free MCBoot Configurator
  2. Slelect your button layout.
  3. Go to Configure OSDSYS Options…
  4. Configure Item 3: HD Loader
  5. Name: OPL, Press back button to clear path 1,2 and 3.
  6. Go to path1 and press square button.
  7. Go to MC0:/BOOT/ and select OPNPS2LD.ELF
  8. Return back to main menu and save CNF to MC0 (make sure your memory card plugged into first slot).
  9. Go back to browser and find OPL in list.

Required Files:-



FMCB/FHDB Installer

Latest OPL



Summary: I hope you got this article informative and jailbroken your PS2 system. Feel free to leave your question in the comment section. Like our Facebook page and subscribe YouTube channel and stay connected.

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